Into the Gloss, one of my favorite blogs created by the genius Emily Weiss, and College Fashionista (another blog I check religiously and one day hope to be a part of) have asked their readers to share their #ITGTOPSHELFIE. Now you may be wondering what can all those letters possibly mean!?! Well its very simple actually: ITG (Into the Gloss) has asked their readers to share their Top Shelves’ or “their beauty line-up” for a chance to be featured on ITG. So today, I am going to share my beauty line-up with all of you as if I was being featured on ITG myself.

Skincare: I like to pretend that I am very into skincare. I really do think I am, but I sometimes don’t always follow the lovely skincare regimen I set up for myself. One product that I try to use every morning is Clean & Clear’s “morning burst hydrating gel moisturizer.”  If I forget everything else for the rest of the day, I’m okay in my mind be

FullSizeRendercause I used this. Its so light and fresh which is what makes me love it because it wakes me up and helps me feel ready to start my day. Also in the morning, I try my hardest to get myself to use my clean and clear morning burst facial cleanser and deep cleaning toner. These 3 products used together work really well. I find that they give a similar effect to a Clinique set, but at less cost. In the shower, every other day I use my St. Ives Apricot Scrub. It is such an amazing exfoliator and it smells so so good (which is very important when purchasing products)! Occasionally, I like to step up my game (on the weekends) and I will use the Arcona Cranberry Morning Exfoliator to get a different product on my skin. And finally if I am not too lazy at night after wiping off all my makeup I will apply the Neutrogena naturals nourishing night cream all over my face for max moisturization (thats probably not a word) and even though it isn’t an eye cream, I use the Clinque skin hydrating cream under my eyes for even more moisturization! I have been very fortunate not to get many pimples, but when I do i use my Clean and Clear acne spot treatment. It works so so well. I highly recommend it!  Although this may sounds conceited, the one thing I almost always get compliments on is my skin. So maybe I am doing something right with my skincare?

Haircare: My hair is probably one of my favorite things about myself. Almost a year ago, I got it dyed ombre and I love it! I’m thinking about redying it soon actually. But to take care of my hair, I switch off with a number of products. Once a week, before I wash my hair with Organix coconut milk shampoo, I use the Organix moroccan argan oil intense moisturizing treatment. It makes my hair FullSizeRender-1so soft and it always looks so good the day after I use it. After I wash my hair, I have a few products that I like to switch around using a few different products – sometimes alone, sometimes mixing and sometimes all together (*insert monkey covering it’s eyes emoji here*). The product I have been using for the longest is Bed Head Control Freak. It really works well at defrizzing and taming hair. It can even be used on dry hair, which I do do from time to time. I also like to use Its a 10 because it just really is a miracle product. I have no other words to explain it. And lastly, I use Organix argan oil spray for shine. Every once and while I also use the Living Proof PHD, but usually only when I am planning to use heat on my hair. Speaking of heat, I use the CHI protectant spray to save my hair from the dangerous high high heat that comes with blowdrying and ironing. And finally, one of my favorite products of all is the Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. For those days that I decide not to wash my hair, it gives my hair a fresh feeling and makes it smell really good too!

There you have it, my #IGTOPSHELFIE. I know its a lot, but I just love all these products so much and am so happy that Into the Gloss and College Fashionista gave me the opportunity to do so!

*Dislaimer: most of my products are from the drug store – which is not a bad thing at all! I don’t think it is always necessary to spend an exorbitant amount of money on products when there are so many at the drug store that work really well!

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