Is the High Fashion World Really for Me?

I’ve always wanted to go into the “High Fashion World.” For me, this seemed like such an exciting career path to follow and of course I still think it is. But this fashion week has made me realize something, while I have good style and know what looks good together, high fashion is a completely different thing.

It is hard to take the runway looks and make them more accessible for people who don’t need such fancy outfits in their lives. People don’t always have all the money they want to spend on such luxurious clothing items. So it makes me think, is the high fashion world somewhere I could see my self in? Supposedly starving models? High prices and strange looks that I don’t understand, but yet are still fashion?


Don’t get me wrong, I think all of these looks are gorgeous, but if I tried to put this on and style it like this, I would look ridiculous! Where is anyone supposed to wear the outside 2? The middle outfit is more accessible to the everyday person.

Yes, I still could see myself in this world. Not necessarily the fashion part, per say. So much more goes into making a brand and a clothing line than just the designer. Of course every little girl at some point in her life wanted to grow up to be a glamorous fashion designer, but as soon as the reality set in that I couldn’t draw the designing thing went out the window.

Then I turned to magazines. I literally read every fashion magazine out there – Vogue, Allure, Bazaar, Lucky, Marie Clair, Elle, Glamour – the list goes on forever. I think it would be so amazing to work at a magazine like this getting to write everyday and be a part of this spectacular publication that is all about fashion, but with the growing technology will fashion magazines be able to live with the changing way that their readers are obtaining their information?

PR then started to interest me. What if I could be a part of the fashion world, not have to draw, organize fashion shows, have close relationships with designers, be a part of so many companies that have such amazing products and get to actually enjoy my job? It almost sounds like it could be too good to be true. While I could be considered too young to already know what I actually want to do, for me I don’t think my interests will stray too far away from public relations and communications. This allows me to make better decisions for myself because I have a direction that I see myself going in.

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