The Unwritten Rules of Social Media

I hope I’m not the only one who is tired of their mom asking “When can i post this?” or “Am I allowed to like that?” I feel like there are tacit rules for social media that no one ever says, they are just known by all.  My main 3 social media sites are Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and each social media has different rules that people abide to, and today I am going to share what I consider essential rules with you.

1. Instagram

Just because Kylie can post 4 times in one day, doesn't mean you should

Just because Kylie can post 4 times in one day, doesn’t mean you should

  • Only post once a day. While it is okay to occasionally post 2 times in one day, don’t do it often. The only people who can pull this off are celebrities, food instragrams, or people who have like a ridiculous number of followers. Not only is it annoying to see multiple posts from one person, but traditionally you won’t get as many likes.
  • Don’t post blurry or poorly edited pictures. No one wants to scroll down their feed and see a blurry shot of the pool your currently lounging by or a picture of you with orange skin. It’s amateur and honestly poor use of the amazing apps that can fix your photos. (I recommend Afterlight – it is so worth the $0.99)
  • Don’t tag a million people in your pictures. I don’t want to be tagged in a picture of flowers because I am not a flower.
  • Like pictures that you like and even ones that you don’t. On Instagram it is okay to like everyones picture (Facebook is a different story) even if its your mom’s best friend or vice versa. Everyone likes to get likes.
  • Don’t like posts from over 3 days ago. Then it looks like you were stalking the person – Insta stalking is 100% okay and actually welcomed, but don’t let anyone know that it is happening. If you accidentally like an old picture, unlike it ASAP and pretend that it never happened.
  • Follow someone to follow them, not to get the follow back. When people are constantly following and unfollowing you it gets annoying. Like just pick one, because if I haven’t followed you back by now, chances are it’s not happening.

2. Twitter

Which one do I keep following? Like please be original.

Which one do I keep following? Like please be original.

  • Tweet as much as you want. I feel like twitter is kind of a diary, but like for everyone to see. So while you can share your thoughts and feelings, don’t get too personal.
  • Don’t tweet at celebrities over and over again because chances are, there’s a million (literally a million) other people doing the same exact thing and not only is it a waste of your time, but it’s annoying to the people who follow you.
  • Live tweeting TV shows is welcomed and if you don’t want to ruin the episode, then don’t go on twitter. Live tweeting episodes make the experience much more enjoyable because you can interact with other people and even the cast of the show to see their reactions and opinions on the particular episode right when it is happening.
  • Unfollow accounts that post the same thing. I once was scrolling down my timeline and saw “AP Netflix” 3 times in a row. Please be original – if you think something is funny, then retweet it instead!

-Just a side note: Twitter is definitely the most lenient of social media. People don’t really care so much about what people tweet, as long as it abides by these rules above.

3. Facebook MjAxMy03MDVjNThiYTBjNjNjNzg5

  • Changing your profile picture all the time is not okay. I’m sorry but no one wants to see every single week that you updated your profile picture. Find one you like give it a few months then change it. (Although, don’t keep the same picture for like over a year because chances are you don’t look the same.)
  • Don’t give status updates about your life. Big events are okay and welcomed, but just tell your friends in your group chat that you loved the new Spiderman movie. Maybe I wanted to decide that for myself.
  • Don’t worry that much about likes on your profile picture anymore – people only go on Facebook to stalk other peoples pictures so if they don’t like your prof, that doesn’t mean they don’t like you.
  • Facebook stalking is also okay. I mean if someone says do you know so and so, you don’t want to say no so do a quick fb check or you want to see your friends new boyfriend from another town, look him up on Facebook and everything is all good. (Again, do not like old pics!)

There you have it, the basic and essential rules of social media. If you follow these rules you will be a social media pro and everyone will be like “omg why are you so good at this?!” and you can be like “Because i’m flawless.”

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