Spring Fashion Essentials

Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to break out the jean shorts and sunglasses and put away those chunky boots and sweaters! It can get a little crazy with all the different fashion choices so let me give you my spring fashion essentials breakdown.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.30.31 PM

First up, you need a solid pair of light wash ripped jeans. Not jean shorts, but jeans. They are my number one piece of clothing right now because they can be dressed up or dressed down and they are perfect for any occasion. I usually roll them up on the bottom – since I’m only 5 foot! They look great with t- shirts, light sweaters, layers and basically everything else.

40140.4.detailFashion sneakers are next (well that’s what I call them anyway). They’re the sneakers that ash and Steve Madden are making right now in all different colors. They are my favorite pair of shoes I have ever bought because they are comfortable and they look good with everything. Never before have I worn any kind of flat or sneaker with leggings, but these look great and they come in so many colors and variations it’s almost impossible to pick one!

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.41.09 PM

Next, we have white t-shirts! My holy grail piece of clothing. I own at least 20 of them and I wear them year round with millions of different combinations. In my opinion, Spring is the optimal time to wear them because they can be worn alone, with colored shorts, skirts, jeans, to the beach, to a party (you get the idea). I usually like them to be plain, but sometimes it’s good to switch it up with a design or something. The possibilities are endless and that is what makes them so great.

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.43.51 PM

Sunglasses. I don’t really think it’s possible for me to live without them. Everyone should have at least one nice pair of sunglasses because they are the perfect addition to any warm-weather outfit. There’s so many variations so it is important that you get the pair that is right for your face. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with fun sunglasses – but more on that in a later post 😀

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 5.45.27 PM

Finally, plaid shirts. These are probably my second most worn item. I feel like they can be worn so many ways and because they come in so many colors they can be worn all of the time! They are perfect for Spring because they are light, but still keep you warm when the weather is unpredictable.


Not only are these items perfect alone, but together they work really well too. White tee, ripped jeans, plaid shirt tied around the waist, fashion sneakers and sunglasses on your head make a perfect casual outfit that will look great all of the time. Urban Outfitters is having an amazing sale right now and you can get all of these essentials and more (yay online shopping woohooo!) on sale with the code SALE20! Check it out before it’s too late!!

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